The new FreeDOS 1.3 open source free operating system available now at
FreeDOS CD's supplied as part of motherboards maintannece kit are usually partial implementations for boot and BIOS modifications. Download the latest full version the FreeDos website. The FreeDOS Web Site
For 64 bit DOS continuation look at fdpp, a 64-bit DOS core based on a FreeDOS kernel ported to modern C++. a FreeDOS plus-plus. fdpp github
PDOS written in C90 is another stable variant for 32 and 64 bit DOS development.

VESA VBE We help preserve companies' intellectual property by enabling user's customization of the FrameworkPascal Windows compiler with custom functions as well as Windows API interface in order to allow transparent compilation of non Windows programs' source code into Windows API GUI programs.
After the compiler is modified for a specific non Windows program the source can be compiled into a Windows GUI programs with no modifications to the original source. The code can be run, maintained, as well as modified and extended taking unlimited advantage of the Windows API GUI from Windows XP to the latest Windows 10 and 11.
Intellectual property written for other operating systems including real and protected mode DOS, SUN, Apple MAC, Unix, Mainframes and database operating system can run on Windows with full access to the Windows GUI, API, controls, Direct X and the messaging system. The compiler provides a much simpler way to program with a function-based alternative interface to Windows API. It can be used to extended programs with Internet access, communication with other Windows program, DLL calls, MS SQL, ODBC database and OLE. Scalable font, graphic interface, hardware based software protection, and automated distribution and billing libraries are available for intellectual property that is distributed commercially.
The compiler can be customized to compile non Windows programs into a Windows GUI targeted executable.
The advantages in compilation of original source code are obvious compared to the complexity of the Windows API. Windows treats all programs as downloaded libraries, requiring applications to provide entry point to the OS, scan system messages, respond to system focus changes, and manage background screen updates. These complexities are made transparent by the compiler's alternative function-based API. Irreplaceable intellectual property can be preserved while gaining the ability to extend the original applications with the latest Internet functionality Windows features. and there by increase potential while maintaining full control over the IP.
The compiler adaptation is available for all Windows versions.


FrameworkPascal Multi-target 2008 ver 6.10, commercial subscriptions. 2016
FRAMEWORKPASCAL 6.1 (2016) provides code compatibility with minimally required code adaptation between DOS and Windows GUI from Windows XP to Windows 10. An alternative function based Windows GUI API interface replaces the event driven messaging Windows system to provide DOS like interface to the operating system and automatic transparent focus and background graphic management without the need to interface with the Windows messaging system and with much simpler to programs graphic and user interface functions API.
  • MS SQL Database Creator and Reporter
  • CRT Function based Windows GUI API interface
  • Framework FRED functions interface
  • Windows 7 ready

  • Framework